UberEats delivery man cries in viral video because they tip him 23 pesos

Smithson Michael uploaded a video to his TikTok saying that after driving an hour they gave him a tip that he can't even pay for gas.

Here's One Way Restaurant Owners Can Acquire New Customers

Uber Eats can help restaurant brands maintain flexibility in these uncertain times.

Are Corporates Doing Enough To Make India Plastic-Free?

As India shelves its plan to ban certain kinds of single-use plastic, a look at what corporations have promised to do

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Bill Bostock

Uber lleva comida con drones en Estados Unidos

Uber no deja de experimentar y más allá de UberEats lanzará un servicio de transporte de comida a través de drones en Estados Unidos.

Uber Eats expande sus horizontes en territorio mexicano

Tres nuevas ciudades ya forman parte de los destinos en esta aplicación.