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Estados Unidos

Aerolíneas piden no utilizar sus aviones para separar familias en Estados Unidos

American Airlines y United Airlines han emitido comunicados en los que aseguran que la medida migratoria del presidente Donald Trump no va en línea con sus valores de unir a las familias.

Be an Example -- 3 Ways to Practice True Leadership

You don't want to be the next United Airlines; instead, take steps to empower employees to behave better by modeling true leadership for them.

5 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn About Preparing for Crisis Communications

Ubiquitous cell phone cameras mean every embarrassing mistake you or an employee makes is made in public.

PR Disasters That Global Companies Found Hard to Deal With

Social media platforms have short-time memories and forget even the most glaring of all embarrassing tales in their rush to move on to the next big story

Qué tan caro le salió el escándalo a United Airlines

La aerolínea pagó una suma secreta al doctor que sacó a rastras en semanas pasadas y anunció cambios importantes en su política de vuelos sobrevendidos.

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Qué puede hacer United Airlines para frenar el sangrado en su reputación

La empresa está pasando por su peor crisis de relaciones públicas de su historia. ¿Qué necesita? Un plan y un líder.
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Por qué United sacó a un pasajero a la fuerza

Empleados de la aerolínea usaron la fuerza bruta para retirar a un viajante de uno de los aviones.
United Airlines

United Airlines Passenger Dragged Off Plane by Airport Employees

Brute force was used to drag a paying passenger off one of its planes on Sunday night.

Should Airplane Overhead Bins Be a 'Right'?

We asked our audience on social media for their thoughts.
United Airlines

Computer Glitch Delays United Airlines Flights

Last year, Delta Air Lines canceled hundreds of flights and delayed many others after a power outage hit its computer systems.

United Expects $3.1 Billion a Year From No-frills Airfare, Fewer Delays

The third-largest U.S. carrier by passenger traffic also said passenger unit revenue would fall between 6.5 percent and 7.5 percent from a year earlier.
United Airlines

United Airlines Slapped with $2.75 Million Fine Over Flight Delays

The second-largest U.S. carrier at times did not return wheelchairs to customers promptly or give them adequate help, according to Department of Transportation.
United Airlines

United Airlines to Serve Free Snacks On All Flights

United now only serves free food on international flights.