5 Laws Every Vape Company Owner Should Know

You need to ensure compliance for your company and employees.

Tammy Taylor

Oregon Recalls Vape Products

The use of marijuana-derived ingredients, including terpenes, sourced from non-OLCC licensed businesses is prohibited under Oregon law and OLCC rules.

MJBiz Daily

Young Adults Who Vape Are More Likely to Have This Infection

Now that COVID-19 is in the picture, people with compromised lungs or an underlying health condition should be extra careful when vaping.

Maria Loreto

The Future of Vaping is Only Going to Get Better

Despite a trying few years, vaping has a promising future.

Tammy Taylor

Oregon Cannabis Regulators Ban Harsh Additives First Seen in Vaping Crisis

In an attempt to clean up the vaping industry, Oregon regulators ban a handful of additives that potentially could harm users.

Concerns Looming Over Coronavirus Impact On Cannabis Industry

"It's a huge wake-up call," said Nic Easley, CEO of Denver-based 3C Consulting. "It's forcing companies to look at their supply chain. 'Where do my products come from? Do I have multiple options for vendors?'"

How Cannabis Vape Companies Are Using Technology To Ensure Consumer Confidence And Bolster Sales

To regain trust with customers during the vaping crisis, some vape brands are getting smart about how they use technology.

The Vapocalypse: Why Can't We Learn From Our Mistakes

The vape crisis is doing more harm than good when it comes to banning legit, lab-tested products from consumers.

Steve Albarran

How Cannabis Vaporizer Firms Can Protect Themselves In The Wake Of Vaping Crisis

In the wake of the vaping crisis, it's important to know how a business can survive.

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Breaking: CDC Identifies Vitamin E Acetate As Common Factor In Vape-Related Illnesses And Deaths

For the first time, the CDC has directly traced Vitamin E with the vaping crisis in new study.

Nick Dimengo

Edibles Sales Up In At Least Four States As Marijuana Industry Deals With Vape Health Crisis

In the midst of the vaping crisis, marijuana consumers are finding new alternatives like edibles to use instead.

Margaret Jackson