Veterans Can Soon Get Access to Medical Marijuana Without Threat of Losing Benefits

Senate committee votes in favor of having better access to cannabis in legal states.

Karhlyle Fletcher

Cannabis Can Help Veterans So Why Don't More Have Access to It?

With more innovations and research proving the benefits of medical cannabis for PTS, the time will come that the Veterans Health Administration will have the ability to prescribe it to veterans.

Bryan Buckley

Here's What Doctors Wished Veterans Knew About Medical Cannabis

VA doctors are currently barred by federal law from prescribing or even making consultations about medical cannabis. One doctor offers his advice for veterans who are considering medical marijuana cards.

PTSD, Veterans and Suicide: Action Is Needed and Cannabis Helps

Though PTSD is a qualifying condition for medical marijuana in 30 state, federal law denies it to veterans who rely on the Veterans Administration for treatment.

Congress May at Last Allow VA Doctors to Prescribe Marijuana to Veterans

About 60 percent of vets returning from Iraq and Afghanistan return home with chronic pain to a medical system that only gives them opioids.

Bipartisan Concern for Veterans Drives Bill to Allow VA to Research Medical Marijuana

Congress seems to be ever so slowly coming around to popular opinion on the merits of medical pot.