Virtual Reality

Technology Innovation

Here's How Consumerization of AI and VR Could Transform HR Management

Traditionally, tech was employed in automating HR processes and functions, often overlooking its end user – the employee. Things are set to change...

Investors' Note: Three Markets That are Too Opaque To Be Good Investments

Art, Crypto and Virtual Reality (VR) -- sectors usually hailed as surefire investments -- are beset by deep problems

VR is Incredibly Empowering for Working Women

Virtual technology can help create a more equal reality.

British Airways Is Offering VR Entertainment on Flights

First class passengers between London and New York get their own cinema in the sky.

Why is Community Building Essential for the Success of a Business in the Co-Living Industry?

From group outings to simply having another young person down the hall for a quick chat, it is a convenient way to find company

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Virtual Reality And A Radical New Approach To Leading In Volatile Times

As the world hurtles on its trajectory of disruption and change, companies must, of necessity, adapt. Here's what you need to know.
Virtual Reality

The Digital Master Blaster

Emerging technologies are driving the disruption & Jetsynthesys is driving digital entertainment. Entrepreneur India explores how the makers of Sachin Tendulkar's official game are creating immersive experiences for online users

Real Money Games: A fast-Growing Business in India

The Real Money Gaming (RMG) online market in India is evaluated to associate with INR. 2,200 crore and is pegged at a development rate of 30per cent every year
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