PayLater, Cardless Credit and EMI Preferred Payment Modes Amidst Covid-19 Lockdown: Report

A report by Razorpay titled '101 Days of Covid-19 Era: Impact On Digital Payments' shows that credit-based payment modes have seen an exponential rise as the countrywide lockdown put household incomes in deep stress

5 Long-term Strategies To Create Wealth

Investing is not always straight forward, and an individual should therefore have a strong understanding of their investment choice

Leading Family Businesses Through Mega Crisis

The pressures in managing business after a crisis of such unprecedented proportions can hurt the interest of your business if one is not adequately prepared for it

50 Things You Need to Succeed in the Perpetually Changing World of Modern Finance

Want to break into the world of finance? Here's what C-suite executives want you to know.

ITR Filing and Tax-Saving Investment Deadlines Extended. Check the New Dates

In wake of the challenges posed by coronavirus, the central government today announced extension of filing of income tax return for the fiscal 2019-20 to 30 November, 2020 from the original 31 July 2020

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Back-up or Pack-up: What's the Plan Of Action In These Uncertain Times

COVID-19 has left an indelible impact on the year and on us, changing our perspectives towards life and finances, irrevocably

Fixed Income Portion Of the Portfolio Should Stabilize the Overall Returns

When the economy is undergoing a slowdown, and inflation is not high, any central banker will try to reduce the level of interest rates, increase the quantum of money in the system, incentivize banks to lend to the real economy by lowering the alternative rates of deployment

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How are Family Offices Restructuring Their Portfolios Due to Covid-19

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RBI Announces INR 50,000 Cr Liquidity Facility for Mutual Funds

The announcement comes after Franklin Templeton mess, however RBI assured that the liquidity stress is confined to the high-risk debt MF segment and that the larger industry remains liquid