Ahora SoftBank operará las oficinas de WeWork en América Latina

SoftBank Latin America Fund manejará el coworking en Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Colombia y México.

Alto Nivel

Los empleados menos comprometidos están cómodos con el Home Office: CEO de WeWork

"Aquellos que están muy comprometidos con la empresa quieren ir a la oficina al menos dos tercios del tiempo", dijo Sandeep Mathrani.

Alto Nivel

WeWork CEO Says Less Engaged Employees Are Comfortable With the Home Office

"Those who are very committed to the company want to go to the office at least two-thirds of the time," said Sandeep Mathrani.

Alto Nivel

After Failing Miserably the First Time, WeWork Merges With NBA Owner's SPAC for Second Shot at Going Public

The coworking startup gets a new lease on shareholder life thanks to BowX Acquisition Corp.

Kenny Herzog

The New Breed of Entrepreneur Isn't So New

When entrepreneurs refocus on revenue, metrics and building a strong foundation, they wind up sounding fresh and innovative.

Eran Halevy

WeWork To Pump $100 Mln Into India Business

In Friday's statement, the company said that WeWork India was already profitable and played an important role in the global scheme of business.

Debroop Roy

Cofundador de WeWork acusa a SoftBank por abuso de poder

SoftBank se comprometió el año pasado a comprar 3,000 millones de dólares en acciones de WeWork como parte del rescate multimillonario del grupo de oficinas.

How Co-Working Spaces Can Fight Against Coronavirus

The pandemic of the new decade is the cause of severe distress globally

Paras Arora

WeWork, Industrious, The Yard: Here's How Much Membership Will Cost You at 12 Coworking Spaces

Here's a peek behind the pricing curtain, plus tips for lessening the financial burden on your business.

Hayden Field

Getting Laid Off Is Not a Scarlet Letter

Three tips to surviving the corporate culling.

Carolyn Betts

Así fue como WeWork pasó de valer 47 mil millones de dólares a menos de 8 mil millones

WeWork sufrió una de las debacles comerciales más dramáticas de los últimos años tras su intento fallido de salir a Bolsa.

WeWork estrena nuevo CEO para reestructurar a la marca: Sandeep Mathrani

Desde el próximo 18 de febrero Mathrani reportará a Marcelo Claure, quien permanecerá como Presidente Ejecutivo.