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"Fintech Can Be a Threat Only If Google or WhatsApp Enter The Space"

"Bank of India plans to lend money to start-ups at the seed level. The financial flow will increase only after they start to grow," says G. Padmanabhan, Chairman, Bank of India

Sunil Pol

#9 Out of 10 Start-ups Fail. Here's Why!

Only about 10% of start-ups will exist post the 5-year mark – over 17,000 of these companies will be non-existent by the year 2022

This American Venture Capitalist Says India is Second Largest Internet Consumer After China

Mary Meeker Internet Trends, 2017, report, states that Indians spend 45 % of their time on Digital Entertainment media like Gaana, Hotstar, AIB and Netflix

Nidhi Singh

Lecciones de disrupción de Amazon y Apple

Estas y otras empresas tecnológicas transformaron su mercado al crear un producto o servicio como ningún otro.

Steve Cook

Emerging Trends In Online Advertising Domain In India

Visibility of any product is more through digital medium than traditional marketing techniques

Facebook's Growing Customer Base But Declining Customer Support - A Reality Check!

Its customer support is already bad and it's now only getting from bad to worse.

#4 Times When Global Tech Companies have Shown Lack of Innovation

Copy pasting ideas is not always great for your company.

Nidhi Singh

WhatsApp se 'roba' el formato de Snapchat

La nueva actualización del servicio de mensajería trae la función "Estados" con la que se podrán compartir fotografías y videos que vivirán 24 horas.

Smartphones Are Taking Businesses in Smaller Towns and Villages to the Next Level

There are evidences that testifies this fact. Many businesses have gone exclusively mobile-first and mobile only.

Ishaan Gupta

Why Corporate Collaboration Tools are Fundamentally Flawed

These tools lack the ability to derive meaningful insights from the interactions between employees and colleagues.

The New Wave of Chat Commerce

Messaging apps have grown exponentially in past couple of years. They may be very well on the way of replacing emails.

Whatsapp Says No Group Video-calling; Entrepreneurs Can Opt For These 7 Apps Instead

Entrepreneurs who are glued on to their phones for daily communication and prefer to ditch the laptop need not worry.

Aashika Jain