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Why Did a Judge Block 100 Million WhatsApp Users?

The nation's top court overturned the measure in the third such incident since December.


What Made WhatsApp Co-founder To Invest In This IoT Startup

The company plans to deploy funds towards product development and business expansion.

Samiksha Jain

WhatsApp vs. Telegram: ¿cuál es la mejor para tu negocio?

Descubre cuál de estas apps de mensajería instantánea te garantiza mejor seguridad en tu información confidencial.

Alto Nivel

WhatsApp May Launch a Desktop Application: But We're Not Sure Why

There's an official web service already for WhatsApp - so what's the need for a desktop based software?

Rustam Singh

Brazil Lawmakers Propose Bill to Shield WhatsApp

The legislation will now have to pass through several other congressional committees before being put to vote in the floor of the lower and upper house.


Facebook CEO Urges Brazilians to Decry WhatsApp Block

The app has been suspended two times in five months in Brazil.


Viber Lets You Connect Freely. Literally!

After WhatsApp, Viber to encrypt calls and messages.

Ritu Kochar

WhatsApp is Now Technically Illegal and a National Security Threat to India

WhatsApp can now be used as a portal for child pornography distribution, harassing women and even terrorist plots - and we can't stop it

Rustam Singh

WhatsApp protegerá tus mensajes

Ahora, cada vez que envíes un mensaje o archivo, la única persona que lo podrá leer será a quien vaya dirigido.

In the Aftermath of Apple vs. FBI, WhatsApp Strengthens Encryption

As of Tuesday the entirety of WhatsApp messages will be supported by end-to-end encryption.


Success Comes From Solving Real Problems, Not Chasing Unicorn Fantasies

If your dream is to get rich selling your tech startup to Google or Facebook, you're overdue to wake up.

John Boitnott

WhatsApp joins 1bn dollar pool and adds new features

Joining the 1 billion revenue club, Whatsapp has added a bunch of new features. here are the highlights

Rustam Singh