Women In Green

Women and Cannabis: What Nobody Is Talking About

How can brands cater to the changing demographics?

Nina Simosko

· 4 min read

These 5 Women Are Powering Up the Cannabis Technology Industry

Forget the grass ceiling, many female tech execs are mowing down competitors.

Green Entrepreneur Staff

· 6 min read

A Black Doctor Launches a Successful CBD Line Despite Adversity

Dr. K utilized the help of a mentorship program to make Pain Stopper's Inc a reality.

Green Entrepreneur Staff

· 6 min read

The Evolution of a Female CBD Executive

The C-suite is well-known as a boys club, but things are evolving in the CBD business.

Nancy Duitch

· 6 min read

Meet North Carolina's First Female Hemp Farmer In 75 Years

Franny Tacy believes women will play a major role in the future of hemp.

Mike Mejer

· 6 min read

When COVID Shut Her Spa Down, She Turned It Into A Hemp Dispensary

Maya Gilliam's advice to entrepreneurs looking to pivot: "Make what you love a source of income."

Jason Feifer

· 4 min read

She Was Pasadena's Rose Queen, Now She Champions A Different Kind Of Flower

Camille Roistacher will launch Wyllow on National Women's Equality Day.

Kim Ring

· 7 min read

She Started Her Cannabis Business With $1500 And A Dream

Now Mary Jane's Medicinals can be found in hundreds of dispensaries across Colorado, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. This is how Dahlia Mertens did it.

Jonathan Small

· 12 min read

CBD For Your Butt? But Of Course

Sylwia Wiesenberg's Bawdy Beauty products promise to beautify your booty. But how do you market a product like this during a pandemic?

Eric Weinberg

· 7 min read

7 Women To Watch In Cannabis

The future leaders of cannabis are pioneering a new triple bottom line

Dr. Patti Fletcher

· 15 min read

This International Women's Day, Let's Salute Strong Women

May we know them, may we be them, and may we raise them.

Erin Gore

· 5 min read