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The Taboo Of Remote Working And Hiring In India

Companies might drumbeat about WFH, but many hiring managers still breathe an audible sigh when a WFH request lands on their desk

Sachin Gupta

5-Minute Make Up Routine For Work From Home

These easy steps can be added to your make up routine to look fresh and even more presentable while being remote

Puneet Kapani

How to Improve Your Work-From-Home Experience (Even After Months of Doing It)

There are still numerous ways to make virtual employment less monotonous and more efficient.

Lucas Miller

How to Automate Your Work From Home Lifestyle

While in-office pool tables and La-Z-Boys are now things of the past, Plug and Play Suites are now available for the real entrepreneur.

No More Snow Days

How the remote work reality impacts employee productivity and satisfaction-and how you can help

Andrew Gross

What Companies Can Change in the Office Space to Increase Productivity

The corporate world should pump the brakes on formats with uncertain effectiveness.

Andrew Gross

The Top 10 Franchises That Can Be Run Part-Time From Home or Through a Mobile Unit

Looking to start a franchise but have limited time? These options might just work for you.

Gadgets To Make You More Productive During Work From Home

Top picks to replicate your office environment at home

Puneet Kapani

Trying to Give a Terrible Virtual Presentation? Get Sloppy With the 3 P's.

When making a presentation from the home office, it's tempting to overlook the small details. But in virtual presentations, virtually everything matters, so mind the three P's: posture, place, and preparation.

2 Minutes of Silence to Start Your Zoom Meeting: Awkward, or Team-Building Silver Bullet?

To create a sense of belonging outside of a building, the key is getting in touch with your inner self, and enabling your employees to do the same.

The Stigma of Working From Home Is Officially No More

Here's how to create the work-life balance you've always dreamed of.

Jeff J Hunter