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Future Proofing The Workforce Of Tomorrow With Technology

The demand for technologically savvy employees continues to rise, and in the future, the need will clearly outpace the number of work-ready candidates.

Didem Sezgin

· 4 min read

Trends 2021: How Working From Anywhere Is Set To Look Like

Businesses across all sectors have fast-tracked their digital transformation and have adopted the latest technologies to continue functioning

Gaurang Sinha

· 4 min read

Workplace Requisite: People Need People

What one does at workplace is function of personality (who one is) and the situation

Sanjay Jha

· 5 min read

Can Employers in Certain Industries Require Covid Vaccines?

As COVID vaccines begin being distributed around the world, employers across all industries in the U.S. are trying to figure out whether or not they can require their employees to get a vaccine once it becomes widely available.

Jacob Wolinsky

· 2 min read

Healthy and Human Workplace, For the New-Age Workforce

What really matters to the new-age workforce are opportunities, challenges and empowerment to make decisions to solve them

Shailesh Gupta

· 5 min read

15 Ways to Spot a Toxic Work Environment Before You Take the Job

Plus, seven questions you can ask to reveal red flags during your interview.

Jessica Thomas

· 2 min read

6 Reasons Communities And Culture Are Key To the Next Normal At Work

In the post-COVID world, evolution of the workplace will focus on innovative practices and fostering a healthy work environment

Nihal Shetty & Dr. Marcus Ranney

· 6 min read

How Skill Training Can Make the Youth More Workplace-Ready During Digital Era

Experts characterize the country's employability problem a bigger challenge than unemployment itself

Ankit Shyamsukha

· 4 min read

Antarctica as Workspace: Ice Sheets Are Walkways and Penguins Come Visiting

It is almost impossible to imagine what working in Antarctica is like. There are a few people who have been there to work and here's what they have to say

Vidhi Bubna

· 5 min read

Free Webinar | Oct. 29: 6 Tips For Hiring Freelance Talent

Join us as we discuss the need for flexibility in the post-COVID workplace and the need to build agile teams that help to prepare and respond to change quickly.

Entrepreneur NEXT

· 2 min read

Virtual Becoming the New Normal In the Wake Of COVID-19 Pandemic

Workplaces will need to place emphasis on creating seamless digital interfaces, maintain smooth connectivity and ensure open communication channels between workforces

Mahesh Singhi

· 4 min read

7 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Ensure Better Equality at Their Workplace

Workplace equality doesn't just happen. These seven easy practices can help boost equality at your company.

Stephen Dalby

· 6 min read