How To Be a Great Millennial Boss

Holding regular reviews with staff to understand how they feel about work or what can be improved, can not only offer deep insight into managerial blindspots, but also build rapport between the manager and the individual
Gig Economy

Gig Economy: A Boon for Women

Gigging is helping women earn well and gain job satisfaction by being able to use their experience for the most relevant opportunities

Corporate Real Estate Transformation: How Workplace Management is Evolving

Important trends that have emerged to encourage individuality and community

12 Mistakes You Might be Making in the First 10 Minutes of the Workday

Here's how to avoid these pitfalls and set yourself up for success.
Managing Employees

Productivity Beyond Business

Creating a conducive environment where employees are encouraged to be responsible citizens
Managing Employees

Personalised Gifting to Value Your Employees

India's corporate gifting market has grown tremendously; there has been a transformational shift from giving physical traditional gifts such as sweet boxes and dry fruit boxes to digital gift cards

Why Remote Work is Not a Panacea

For every employee who pines for the opportunity to work remotely, there's another person who finds remote work isolating

How to Hire the Right Freelancer

Temporary and fluid work arrangements cannot match the productivity of a skilled and full-time salaried employee in so many ways

This is What an Ideal Entrepreneur Would Look Like

'Fire in the belly and hope in the heart', this trait is one of the key differentiators between those who succeed and those who don't, as start-ups are fraught with pitfalls and it is easy to lose hope and give in

Why You Should Embrace Some of That Stress

Not all stress is bad. Here are six ways to use it to your advantage
Workplace Wellness

Employee wellness takes Centre stage as organizations vie for talent

Having a workforce that is disenchanted and has no passion for what it does will not only create a negative work environment but will never give 100per cent to the organization

Robotic Process Automation Company UiPath Nabs $568 Million Investment Boost

At the $7 billion valuation, UiPath is one of the fastest growing and highest-valued AI enterprise software companies worldwide

Key Skills for the Millennial Career Aspirant

In conversation with educational institutions or corporates, the question often posed is in this era of exponential change, what skills do our millennials and GenZs need to stay relevant?
Company Culture

Make Culture A Priority: Five Steps To Create A Happy And Successful Startup From The Outset

Creating the right company culture from the outset will give your startup more chance of success in the UAE.

Work Flexibility is No More a Perk

From perks to policy to an employee-centric company culture: that's the journey work flexibility has traversed over time

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