Workplace culture

How to Create a Results-first Flexible Working Strategy

You can't expect this work policy to succeed without drilling it down into your overall business goals

The Need for a Corporate Training Culture in New Age Enterprises

Employees are looking to upgrade their knowledge as well as skills required for their job roles and are keener to join organizations that provide opportunities to grow

Upwork to Charge Freelancers to Bid on Jobs, Further Squeezing Those Who Rely on the 'Gig Economy'

Freelancers will soon have to pay as much as $0.90 for each job they apply for on Upwork, which could impact users who are new to the platform or struggling to make ends meet.

The Top 5 Companies to Work For in China

Fast-growing tech companies are a hot favourite among millennials

What Do Employers Mean by 'Good Communication Skills'?

Some work-place communication hygiene checks can help make us more effective communicators

Satisfying Employees + Mobile Apps = Tangible Business Outcomes

Here's how a mobile app can revamp an organization's ability; moreover, enhance the employee experience

As an Employer What Steps Can You Take to Keep Workplace Bias at Bay

As an employer, it is your duty to ensure the safety and welfare of your employees which includes making sure that everyone is treated fairly
Interior Design Businesses

Importance of Adaptive Office Interior Design

Design of the workspace is the key element in setting up a work atmosphere that induces higher productivity
Gender Gap

We Need to Talk About Gender Equality, Now

It's not just about having more women in the workplace. It's about having people with diverse background and talents
co-working spaces

5 Trends That Will Transform India's Co-Working Industry

In the coming years, co-working spaces will provide seamless work experiences to their occupants by offering recreational services like de-stressing zones, sleeping pods, etc

#8 Things Corporate Should Keep In Mind For a Compliant Workplace

These Tips Will Help You to Have a Compliant Workplace and strengthening the relationship between the organisation and the employees

The Office Of The Future: Five Predictions For What Workplaces Will Look Like

As we hurtle toward the future at lightning speed, the workplace is seeing a tremendous change.

Essentials of Workplace Culture

Culture is vital to the authenticity of a workplace and is a window into the working of a company

Most Corporates Got This Wrong. Is Yours Any different?

Design cues like these are known to have a highly positive impact on employees' experience and hence the overall growth
Gender Gap

Solving the Mystery Behind the Difference Female & Male Employees Exhibit

Companies want to foster gender-balanced teams but these factors prompt the disparity

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