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3 Ways to Use an Online TV Show to Grow Your Business

In this video, Ambitous Media's Greg Rollett talks about how people can utilize the power of an online TV show.

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Getting in front of the camera might sound scary at first, but if you truly want to grow your business, it’s a sure-fire tactic in today’s tech-savvy world. While the idea might sound daunting, it’s easier than you think. In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner, best-selling author and Emmy Award-winning producer Greg Rollett shares his tips for using an online TV show to grow your business.

Rollett’s video strategy includes three steps: Get people to know and like you, create shareable content and be discoverable. Of course, it all starts with getting in front of the camera. Why’s that so important? According to Rollett, “It gets people familiar with you. At the end of the day, people buy from people -- they buy from people that they know, like and trust.” Video is a great way to build trust with people that you don’t know firsthand because they can see your personality simply by the way you talk to them.

Video is a great resource for creating content that not only helps people discover who you are or what your business is, but also helps people understand how you and your business can add value to their life. “You can’t be discovered unless you put stuff out in the world,” explains Rollett. “But it all starts with getting in front of the camera.” In the end, the answer is simple: You’ll be discovered if you put content into the world that people know and like.

Not sure where to start? Click play to learn more about using an online TV show to grow your business.

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