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This Week in Weed: Pot in IPA, Green Saturday and Canna Tampons.

Top stories from the marijuana industry.


Welcome to the Week in Weed. Here's what you need to know:

Pot in Your IPA?

Bring on the suds with buds. Major beer companies have been exploring cannabis-infused beer. Brands including Modelo, Corona, and Coors have invested hundreds of millions into developing what could be the next big thing. 

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Weed Tampons

The company Foria Pleasure manufactures a coconut oil-based, cannabis-infused suppository that can be used with a tampon to treat menstrual cramps. The company also claims the suppository delivers THC and CBD directly to the pelvic region, "helping to induce relaxation and enhance pleasure."

Weed Apocalypse

Finally, if you live in California, this one might send you out the door in a hurry. New quality standard regulations went into effect on July 1st, forcing many dispensaries in the Golden State to sell their unregulated product at super-deep discounts. Last Saturday, shoppers lined up outside dispensaries for what was dubbed "Green Saturday."

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