Jimmy Kimmel's 'Dr. Quinn Medicinal Marijuana Woman' Spoof Is Hilarious

Our favorite frontier doctor has some new remedies in her bag. And it's not snake oil.

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On a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host announced that a bunch of reboots of classic TV shows are in the works. We already know about Will and Grace and the short-lived Roseanne remake. Also in the pipeline is a new Frazier and even a 21st-century Alf (what network executive approved that?).

But Kimmel delighted his audience my naming one new reboot that hasn't been in the headlines. Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman has been updated to Dr. Quinn, Medicinal Marijuana Woman, in which Jane Seymour offers frontiersmen and cowboys such offerings as High Noon, Calamity Mary Jane, and Cornbread Kush.

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Kimmel is definitely onto something. We'd like to lobby Hollywood for a few other cannabis-friendly reboots, including One Dab at a Time, Hill Street Blunts, and Different Tokes.

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