Video: This Week in Weed (August 6-10)

Cannabis breathalyzers show up in select cities, and Canadian dogs show up at the vet stoned out of their minds.

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Welcome to Green Entrepreneur's video recap of the cannabis news you might have missed the week of August 6th, hosted by our very own Conrad Martin. 

Weed Breathalyzer Debuts

Stay alive -- don't smoke and drive. California-based Hound Labs announced that it will be releasing its marijuana detecting breathalyzer in select cities across the country. While the device detects recent cannabis use and measures THC in breath, there still aren’t solid benchmarks based on breath measurements of THC for what constitutes impairment. 

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Pot Goes to the Dogs

Speaking of hounds. Veterinarians in the Canadian provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador (we're not even joking) have reported regular cases of pups being brought in for marijuana toxicity. Apparently, they are "accidentally" consuming their owners' edibles. C'mon, dog. 

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