Video: This Week in Weed (August 20-24)

The Feds grow more weed, Wells Fargo says no-go to cannabis-friendly politician, and where to find the cheapest weed in the country!

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Welcome to Green Entrepreneur's video recap of the cannabis news you might have missed this week, hosted by our dope correspondent Conrad Martin.

Wells Fargo gives Floridian candidate the boot

Wells Fargo closed the campaign account of Florida agricultural commissioner candidate Nikki Fried this week. Fried openly received campaign contributions from medical marijuana lobbyists, which the bank said violates federal marijuana laws.

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The DEA wants to grow more weed

In a move that made Jeff Sessions recuse himself from punching a wall, the Drug Enforcement Agency has upped its quota for the amount of cannabis that can be grown legally in the U.S. this year. The agency originally proposed 978 pounds, but this has been upped to 2,500. To make Sessions and his anti-legalization posse even angrier, the DEA proposed a quote of 5,400 pounds in 2019. 

Oregon likes its weed plentiful and cheap

If you want to buy the cheapest weed in the country, head to Oregon! Last fall's outdoor harvest yielded such an oversupply that prices are as low as $398 a pound. Not all silver linings, as the low prices are leaving some growers to die on the Oregon Trail.

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