This Week in Weed (August 27-31)

South Koreans can't get high, Denver issues a new license, and "budtenders" unionize
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Welcome to Green Entrepreneur's video recap of the cannabis news you might have missed this week, hosted by our dope correspondent Conrad Martin.

South Korean citizens (legally) can't consume weed in legal countries

Ahead of legalization in Canada, South Korea's Custom Service has issued a reminder that it's still illegal for it's citizens to get high even in countries where cannabis is legal. Thought it's unclear how the government will know if citizens have used upon re-entry.

Denver issues it's second social use license

In more progressive bud news, Denver has issued its second social use license to Taylor Rosean and his company, Vape and Play. The space will offer games, entertainment, and while it won't sell weed, you can bring your own and use it at their vape bar. You can play Tekken and get your "toke-on".

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Seattle dispensary is the first to unionize

And finally a story straight from Green Entrepreneur. The have a heart dispensary in seattle is the first dispensary to have unionized workers. CEO Ryan Kunkel, signed a collective bargaining agreement with the 134 employees across five locations.

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