This Week in Weed: You Can Get High At This Airport!

A major airline allows smoking on premises, the world's largest dispensary opens, and Coca Cola thinks again!

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Welcome to Green Entrepreneur's video recap of the cannabis news you might have missed this week, hosted by our cannabis correspondent Conrad Martin.

Vancouver International Airport is Letting Flyers Get High

Ever gotten weed someplace only to have to throw it away once you get to the airport? Fear not, if you're leaving Vancouver. Vancouver International Airport, has become the first major airport allowing passengers over the age of 19 to smoke or vape cannabis in designated outdoor areas. You still can't smoke inside, so no hotboxing the duty free

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The World's Largest Dispensary Opens in Las Vegas

Planet 13, the world's largest dispensary, opened up it's doors in Las Vegas this week. The 40,000 square foot bordello of bud boast a DJ, Dancing Drones, interactive laser grafiti, and me in about 5 minutes if I keep mentioning the features!

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CocaCola Has a Change of Heart

Remember a few weeks ago when I said this about Coca Cola? ___ Well not anymore. On an earnings call on Tuesday, CEO James Quincey said the company "doesn't have any plans at this stage" to foray into the CBD industry. 

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