The First Generation Builds the Foundation for Next Gen to Build on Believes India's Top Wind Energy Company's Heir

Suzlon Group is one of the leading renewable energy solutions providers in the world with an international presence across 18 countries in Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa and Americas

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Suzlon Group is one of the leading renewable energy solutions providers in the world with an international presence across 18 countries in Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa and Americas.

Nidhi Tanti, Suzlon Energy’s Vice-President, Business Review Committee and New Business, is the second-generation leader of Suzlon which was started by industry veteran Tulsi Tanti.

She believes in the strength of robust family businesses.

First Generation Builds the Foundation

In a chat, Tanti spoke about how the second generation of big family businesses benefit from the platform established by the business’ first generation. She thinks it’s amazing when you have the base and platform – it enables you to grow and develop further

They created all the basic necessities that a business would require and hence now the growth of the business really comes in from the part that you can go for further strengthening the platform. So, through our business we are adding on newer business verticals, expanding business across the solar industry, battery storage energy, wind solar and hybrid.

Suzlon has a fantastic team at home that really looks into the knowledge pool on both the tech and commercial pool reveals Tanti. She thinks it is important to utilize what the first generation has invested in – like their precious time and energy into the business and that has really helped her and encouraged her to develop and embrace the business further.

The privately-held company, which was started in 1995, has staff strength of more than 7,600 workers, Suzlon is among the oldest Indian conglomerates to manufacture and develop solar energy solutions in the country.

Tips for Women Professionals

Tanti believes that all women should be passionate and focused about that passion.

“In the past five years, a lot of drops out from women specifically into their careers to get a certain stature whether it’s their marriage or getting pregnant and having kids has happened. The commitment drops off both on the part of families, ecosystem and business enable women to stay on at work and pursue that dream or career whatever they are aspiring for,” Tanti said.

She believes it’s very important for females not to give up on their careers. Her tip is for women to be focused on what they want. She also advises them to be well-supported by their families and the ecosystem.

“A lot of responsibilities other than work hold females back to fulfill their dreams and passion but most importantly females have to be career-oriented and passionate about what they are seeking,” Tanti said.

Is Entrepreneurship Challenging for Women?

Tanti believes the success of a woman as an entrepreneur completely depends on the career choice she makes.

“In certain specific career choices, there has been a lot of leading women out there who made those inroads. It became easier to get into those sectors, specifically when I talk about fashion, media and other sectors. In some sectors, it’s still very difficult because those inroads have not been made, so I think for those courses I would believe that more encouragement should be there to more and more women to come on board and try career path which is not coined traditionally for women,” Tanti said,

She explained that a lot of women have gained fame and honor in the various sectors and also highlighted that many sectors are not yet explored by the women entrepreneur. For that, the women should be encouraged to take up the challenge and be focused. Also the path should be created so that females can touch such sectors that are not yet explored by the female entrepreneur.                       


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