Cannabiz Countdown: Illinois Legalizes Adult-Use Marijuana (60-Second Video)

Your weekly rundown of the biggest news in the cannabis business.

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Mushrooms in the mail, edibles at 7-11 and legal weed in Illinois.

Welcome to the Cannabiz Countdown, your weekly rundown of the biggest news in the cannabis business.

  • A Vancouver website is selling psilocybin mushroom capsules by mail, reports Merry Jane. To qualify, you need a documented diagnosis for a condition that qualifies for shroom therapy. There’s evidence they could treat depression, anxiety, alcoholism, drug addiction and PTSD.
  • Imagine walking into your local 7-Eleven and picking up pre-packaged joints or edibles. The National Association of Convenience Stores thinks corner shops should be allowed to sell weed products… if and when the federal prohibition on cannabis ends.
  • Illinois is now the 11th state to legalize adult-use marijuana, with a $2 billion market projected. The legalization measure also contains social equity provisions that could be a national model. Time to book that ticket to Chicago!

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