Cannabiz Countdown: Jay-Z Gets Into the Pot Game (60-Second Video)

Your weekly rundown of the biggest news in the cannabis business.

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The munchies are real, Oregon’s got too much pot, and Jay Z’s got 99 problems but a bud ain't one.

Welcome to the Cannabiz Countdown, your weekly rundown of the biggest news in the Cannabis business. 

  • A study has revealed that snack sales grew 7.2 percent in states where pot has been legalized, compared to 6 percent in non-stoner states. Overall, salty snacks had sales of $29.9 billion and sweet snacks, $6.5 billion.
  • Oregon’s got a pot surplus, and officials aren't happy. Five years after the state legalized recreational marijuana, its lawmakers are trying to rein in production, fearing the surplus tempts businesses to illegally ship product out of state or sell it on Oregon’s black market.
  • Legendary rapper/entrepreneur Jay-Z will be chief brand strategist for California cannabis company Caliva, boosting the benefits of the legalization of cannabis in communities that were hit hardest by the War on Drugs.

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