What You Need to Know to Be Successful in the Cannabis Industry

Jessica Abo sits down with the CEO of Weedmaps to discuss the company's journey and how you can be successful in the cannabis industry.

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Weedmaps CEO Chris Beals believes that if you want to have a successful future in the cannabis industry, you have to understand the history of cannabis. It's a philosophy Beals and his team take so seriously, they created a 30,000-square-foot Museum of Weed, which features everything from interactive exhibits and Instagrammable art installations to historical artifacts. The museum will be open in Los Angeles until September 29th and tickets can be purchased online.

Exhibits include: Pre-Prohibition, Age of Madness, Counterculture Revolution, Behind Closed Doors, Entrapment, Dose of Compassion, Legalization and The Plant Lab. Beals sat down with Jessica Abo to discuss the technology company's success over the past decade and how entrepreneurs looking to get into this space can leave their mark.

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