Evolving from Brick and Mortar to Ecommerce

CBD oil company Sunday Scaries's co-founders share the lessons they learned from running a sports bar and how they've applied them to their ecommerce business.

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Beau Schmitt and Mike Sill are the co-founders of Sunday Scaries, a California-based CBD company. They talk with #ThePlaybook host David Meltzer about their previous venture, a San Diego sports bar, and how they transitioned to a CBD ecommerce business.

As co-owners of a sports bar, Schmitt and Sill worked 80-hour weeks, both during the bar’s operating hours and after hours to complete business operations tasks. The pitfalls of the hospitality industry and brick and mortar businesses incentivized them to pursue ecommerce.

Schmitt and Sill discuss the personal tragedies, loneliness and stress that led them to CBD and their transition to Sunday Scaries. They cite community building and bringing people together as the company’s goals, aspiring to help their customers deal with loneliness and achieve life-work balance.

The co-founders speak about balancing performance with learning at Sunday Scaries, allowing themselves and their employees time to “zoom out” and learn aspects of the business without demanding direct outcomes. This strategy has enabled them to understand the company’s ecosystem and to evaluate performance better. 

They also advise leaders to avoid information overload by limiting the amount of time they spend emailing and on social media and recommend spending time outside and without phones to relax and recharge.  

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