WATCH: The Weed Business According To Jim Belushi

The actor opens up about his new TV show Growing Belushi and how cannabis would have saved his brother's life.

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Jim Belushi is passionate about his weed. The actor has decided to dedicate his life to starting and running a flourishing legal cannabis farm called Belushi's Farm, which spans 93 acres along the Rogue River in southern Oregon. Borrowing growing secrets from SNL's former weed dealer, Captain Jack, Jim grows flower for his brands Secret Stash, The Blues Brothers Brands, and Captain Jack's Gulzar Afghanica.

Now his life on the cannabis grow is chronicled in a fascinating and funny new reality series called Growing Belushi, which premiered last night. The show follows Jim and his merry band of misfits as they navigate the many challenges of running a legal cannabis farm.

In this exclusive interview with Green Entrepreneur editor in chief Jonathan Small, Jim opens up about how cannabis has transformed his life, the biggest mistakes he’s made as an entrepreneur, and why he thinks pot would have saved his brother John’s life.

GROWING BELUSHI is produced by Original Productions and Live Nation Productions.

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