Changing How the World Views CBD

The CMO of cbdMD talks about how he uses patience, partnerships and data to grow brand awareness.

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Ken Cohn is the CMO of cbdMD, a CBD producer and retailer. In this episode of #ThePlaybook, Cohn talks with host David Meltzer about differentiation in a crowded business space, building credibility with consumers and investing in data and digital.

Cohn talks about how cbdMD carved out a niche for itself in the cluttered CBD space, focusing on health and wellness by partnering with sports and fitness personalities. Cohn says accumulating these assets helped the brand grow awareness and reach in 2019.

Cohn talks about aligning the brand with golf celebrities to gain credibility and connect with golf’s audience, namely those in banking and finance. Cohn believes the company’s groundwork has made them well-positioned to take advantage of CBD’s growing mainstream appeal.

Cohn also talks about using data for decision-making and to pinpoint what is working and what needs adjusting. Cohn advises other entrepreneurs to prioritize data and digital, noting that, “Information is king.”

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