Willie Nelson Smoked Pot On The White House Roof

And his bud buddy was Jimmy Carter's son, Chip.

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A new documentary on Jimmy Carter confirms what many have already known: Country music legend Willie Nelson smoked a doobie on the White House roof.

Nelson has previously admitted to lighting up at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in his 1988 book, WIllie: An Autobiography:

“Sitting on the roof of the White House in Washington, D.C. late last night with a beer in one hand and a fat Austin Torpedo in the other. My companion on the roof was pointing out to me the sights and layout of how the streets run in Washington…I let the weed cover me with a pleasing cloud…I guess the roof of the White House is the safest place to smoke dope.”

But up until this point, he never revealed the identity of this mysterious "companion." Leave that to Jimmy Carter who confesses in the trailer of the new doc, Jimmy Carter: Rock & Roll Presidentthat it was his son, James "Chip" Carter.

"He says that his companion was one of the servants in the White House," Carter says. "Actually, it was one of my sons."

No word on whether Carter himself partook in those rooftop reefer sessions, but he admits to having a close friendship with rockers such as Nelson and Bob Dylan.

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