A Drone Just Dropped Free Weed Over Tel Aviv

In a protest to legalize weed in Israel, protestors release bags of cannabis onto the city streets.

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Look up in the sky. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a weed drone.

If you happened to be walking through Rabin Square in Tel Aviv this afternoon, you might have been surprised to find a drone dropping packets of what looked like cannabis in the street.

This wasn't a new-fangled delivery service, but rather a stunt pulled by activists from the Green Drone pro-legalization group. They promised free weed from the air on social media, and they delivered.

According to Reuters, police arrested two men who operated the quadcopter drone saying the baggies were filled with a "dangerous drug."  They were able to confiscate most of the bags, but some people managed to pick them up before they got there. 

Medical cannabis is legal in Israel, but recreational use is still prohibited—although it's largely decriminalized. 

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